Our Doors Are Open Again!

After more than a year closed due to the pandemic, the Krishnamurti Centre reopened its doors on May 17th. It was a delight for the staff to be able to welcome guests once again. With the reopening of hospitality establishments due, many people booked their retreats in advance. Since then, the Centre has been hosting individual retreats, following safety guidelines to keep everyone safe. It was the first retreat at the Centre for most of the visitors, after having come across the teachings of Krishnamurti online.

Over the first month after reopening, the occupancy rate at the Centre was a healthy 45%. For the time being, the Centre is only offering personal retreats, as no group events are yet allowed due to government regulations. Nevertheless, guests find the opportunity to meet each other spontaneously to explore some of the significant questions of life.

On arrival, the safety guidelines and main procedures are communicated to guests. A staff member then shows the guest to their room and clarifies the measures in place. The newly arranged dining hall and conservatory allow guests to converse during their meals, respecting social distancing guidelines. The Centre’s architecture makes it possible for all communal areas to be well ventilated throughout the day. Guests continue to be able to use the library and video rooms to immerse themselves in the teachings of Krishnamurti without additional restrictions in place. This is possible due to the enhanced cleaning procedures the Centre has in place. A regular visitor sent a message a few days after her visit, saying, ‘There is such a gentle, peaceful atmosphere throughout the Centre, and it is kept beautifully clean and tidy.’

Guests who visit the Centre regularly appreciate the beauty of the grounds and the Grove through the seasons. This year, due to a rainy spring and a drop in temperature, the blooming of the bluebells and rhododendrons was especially magnificent. As one arrives at the Centre’s main entrance, the apple orchard is covered with wildflowers: buttercups, primroses and daisies sway gently in the wind to meet whoever visits.

Another guest recently commented, ‘Thank you for the lovely stay. My first visit to the Centre provided the perfect space without distractions to immerse into Krishnamurti’s teachings and engage with people from all walks of life in dialogues and chats. It is a unique place in that everyone who stays has that shared interest.’

As the summer magnifies its green colours at Brockwood, we look forward to welcoming even more guests to the Centre.

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