The Quality of a Retreat

Since its opening in 1987, the Krishnamurti Centre has invited people from all over the world to a unique experience. The invitation itself poses a challenge: stop everything, put aside, even if just for a few days, your work, commitments and worries. Take a break from everything. Retreat. Let space and quietness permeate your thoughts and feelings as you settle in a simple yet beautiful place. Let nature take you by the hand in the movement of slowing down, embraced by a unique quality of stillness and silence. Not forced – natural.

In your own time, find out more about what Krishnamurti had to say about ambition, fear, relationship or meditation. The topics Krishnamurti talked about for more than fifty years encompass the content of human life: sorrow, death, love, loneliness, education, religion. From whichever perspective one approaches, it is likely a sentence or question will deeply touch you. In a world forced to stop abruptly due to a pandemic, the suggestions proposed by Krishnamurti seem more relevant than ever.

Still, one may ask what the appeal is of such a place. What makes The Krishnamurti Centre distinctively different from other retreat centres? The secluded location in the countryside and the unique architectural features of the building are among the Centre’s highlights. It provides guests with a peaceful atmosphere where there are no distractions and no schedules to abide by. Above all, there is a sense of authentic freedom in which one can look inward. There is no authority whatsoever or guidance in exploring Krishnamurti’s teachings or in one’s own personal inquiry. There are like-minded people with whom one can share questions and reflections.

Being on a retreat at The Krishnamurti Centre may feel like being in a safe place, where one can study quietly and think diligently. In the movement of slowing down and with a constant invitation to solitude, guests have the opportunity to observe themselves with deeper attention. This can take place during mealtimes, on a walk or while sitting quietly in the library overlooking the orchard. The intimacy is tangible. A retreat also provides opportunities for guests to explore together. The relaxed atmosphere presents ample space for people to meet spontaneously and reflect on life’s fundamental questions. Without any scheduled activities, guests may arrange to watch a video together, go for a walk or have a dialogue on a topic of common interest.

Krishnamurti stated, ‘The understanding of the mind is the beginning of freedom.’ Understanding the way one thinks and acts is of paramount importance. What we think conducts the way we live our lives, the quality of our relationships, our hopes and dreams, and ultimately our effect on society. Going on retreat allows one to ‘take stock of everything’ and ‘stop the routine’, as Krishnamurti pointed out. It is this pausing that may shine a light on the workings of one’s mind. Exploration into what spirituality may be and its meaning in one’s life has the space and time to take place.

The quality of a retreat is entirely personal, entirely up to oneself. We invite everyone to visit and experience first-hand a retreat at the Krishnamurti Centre.

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